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UF Health Proton Therapy Institute

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2015 North Jefferson Street
Jacksonville, FL 32206
(904) 588-1800

University of Florida Health Proton Therapy Institute offers the most promising and precise radiation treatment for cancer available today.

Harder on cancer. Easier on you.

UF Health Proton Therapy Institute is one of 15 proton facilities in the country, and the only one in the Southeast at a nonprofit, academic health center.

The technology destroys cancer cells with protons instead of the high-energy X-rays used in traditional radiation. Because of their unique properties, protons can be more precisely targeted and deposit their energy at the tumor, sparing more of the surrounding healthy tissue. This results in higher cure rates, lower incidence of side effects and fewer long-term effects. Proton therapy is especially beneficial for treating cancer in children and in adult cancers located in sensitive areas like the head and neck, lung, brain, breast and prostate.

UF Health Proton Therapy Institute treats 110 patients a day with proton therapy and about 40 with traditional radiation. Currently, prostate cancer patients are the Institute's largest patient demographic. Proton therapy minimizes the risk of incontinence and impotence in prostate cancer patients and is so easy to tolerate that many patients can resume normal activities immediately after treatments. In fact, some patients have been known to complete a round of golf in the same day as treatment.

Quick Facts

Quick Facts:
  • Three treatment rooms are equipped with a three-story, 100-ton rotating gantry that allows proton therapy delivery to any area of the body. A fourth treatment room uses a fixed nozzle to treat eye cancer and other eye disorders.
  • UF Health Proton Therapy Institute is now treating cancers of the head and neck, base of the skull, eye, breast,  brain, Hodgkin lymphoma, lung, sarcoma, pediatrics, prostate, pancreas and pituitary. Treatment protocols for additional types of cancer are in development.
  • UF Health Proton Therapy Institute also treats pediatric cancer patients as young as a few months old. For young patients, the non-invasive nature of the therapy and the reduced risk of long-term side effects are key advantages.
  • Proton therapy typically lasts 4-8 weeks, with 20-40 treatments in that timeframe.
  • UF Health Proton Therapy Institute encourages patient-to-patient mentoring. The environment encourages conversation and interaction. Patients and their families enjoy weekly luncheons in house and at area restaurants and other patient-directed activities.
  • UF Health Proton Therapy Institute has agreements with the United Kingdom, Norway and Quebec, Canada to treat patients who need proton therapy.
  • In May 2008, UF Health Proton Therapy Institute hosted the annual Particle Therapy Co-Operative Group Conference in Jacksonville, bringing about 500 of the world's leading physicians and medical researchers to the region.
  • On average 20 children are treated each day with proton therapy, the most of any proton therapy center worldwide.

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